Abstracts are currently being accepted. Deadline for submission is May 21, 2020.

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts are currently being accepted for podium and poster presentations, we encourage the submission of works-in-progress. 

Abstracts will be accepted until May 21, 2021. Symposium committee members will complete a review of all submitted abstracts and the corresponding authors will be notified of the status of their abstract by June 15, 2021.


We welcome contributions within the following topics:

  • Cognition, brain plasticity, and music
  • Training and rehabilitation using music or improving music perception or enjoyment
  • Multi-modal music perception (e.g. haptic stimulation, virtual reality)
  • Bi-Modal or Electroacoustic (EAS) music perception or appreciation
  • Novel sound processing strategies or specific mapping designed for music
  • Approaches for improving pitch or melody perception
  • Beyond pitch (e.g. timbre perception, emotion)
  • What can be learnt from acoustic hearing to inform approaches for cochlear implants

Contributions related to Music and Cochlear Implants are welcome even if they are not strictly within the above topics.

Abstract Format

Please limit abstracts to one page (limit 450 words). You will be asked to indicate a preference for a 15-minute podium talk or a poster presentation.

We prefer abstracts to be formatted with the following sections: 

Title, Background, Methods, Results, Discussions/Conclusions and Acknowledgements.

To submit your abstract, click the following link to go to the Easy Chair website. You will be asked to identify the authors, identify the presenting/corresponding author, and provide institutional affiliation. You will then upload or paste the text of your abstract.

When you click the link you will be directed to this event at easychair.org. If you do not already have an account you will be asked to create one prior to submitting your abstract.