Cochlear Implant User Testimonial

Attention Cochlear Implant Users

Are you a cochlear implant (CI) user who is passionate about music and would like to share your experiences when listening to or playing music? If so, we invite you to upload a short (1-5 minute) video testimonial describing your experience – both positive and/or negative experiences are of equal interest. Your feedback is incredibly valuable for the CI research and development community to help improve CI technology and enhance music enjoyment for all CI users. Oticon Medical is providing travel grants for selected CI users to attend the Symposium in Cambridge and participate in the CI user panel.

One of the highlights of the last Music in CI conference was the CI user panel moderated by Jeremy Marozeau.
See some examples of selected video testimonials from last year’s symposium below.

Oticon Medical will provide 8 travel grants for cochlear implant users to participate in a panel discussion during the symposium to share their personal experiences with music. To be eligible, those interested will be required to submit (i.e. provide a link to) a short video testimonial (5 – 10 mins) discussing how their implants influence their relationship with music. Since the symposium will be conducted in English, videos should be submitted in English and the ability to speak and communicate in English is required. A travel grant will be provided to those who are selected to attend the symposium. To be considered for one of the travel grants, you must submit your video testimonial before May 20, 2020. All video testimonials will be reviewed by the Symposium Committee and CI users will be advised of the outcome by June 15. 

Please focus on your experience rather than on a particular device. It is not the aim to promote a particular brand or device with these testimonials, and therefore we encourage that such details are omitted. Feel free to provide this information as a reference, in the file description or comment areas.

By submitting your video testimonial, you will be considered for one of the eight Oticon Medical sponsored travel grants for up to 1000€ to attend the 3rd Music & CI Symposium (Cambridge, UK, September 14-15, 2020). You will participate in a panel discussion during the symposium to share your personal experiences directly with some of the key researchers working on improving CI technology and music appreciation for CI users. 

All video testimonials will be kept confidential, and will only be displayed within the symposium purely for informing researchers, and will NOT be shared online, nor distributed to participants of the symposium. A release declaration must be signed for the video testimonial to be included at the symposium and for you to be considered for the travel grant.

Once you have submitted the link to your video, we will email you the Release Declaration that you must download, sign, and return. If you have questions about the CI user testimonials, please send an email directly to the conference organizers at 

Please use the form below to submit a link to your video testimonial. 

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