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CI User Music Experience – Video Testimonials

Are you a cochlear implant (CI) user who is passionate about music and would like to share your experiences when listening to or playing music? If so, we invite you to upload a short (1-5 minute) video  testimonial describing your experience – both good and less good experiences are of equal interest. Your feedback is a valuable input for the CI research and development community to help improve CI technology and enhance music enjoyment for CI users going forward.


By uploading a video testimonial, you will enter a draw for one of five travel grants of up to 1000€ each to attend the ‘2nd International Music & CI Symposium’ (Montreal, Canada, August 20-21) and share your experiences directly with some of the key researchers working on improving CI technology for music. If you are interested, please upload your video testimonial before May 20th 2018.


All video testimonials will be kept confidential, and only be displayed within the symposium purely for informing researchers, and will NOT be shared online, nor distributed to participants of the symposium.  All uploaded testimonials will be deleted after the symposium. Nevertheless the release declaration has to be signed to contribute.

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