Preliminary Programme

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

09:00  Registration

09:30  Opening Session – Welcome

 Session ♦ Pitching it Right: Exploring Melody

Bob Carlyon
Rhythm & Blues: What CI listeners can get out of music

Charles Lim
The relationship between electrode location and cochlear place pitch

Selected podium presentations

 Session ♦ Mixing it up: Different Listening Approaches for Enjoying Music

David Landsberger
How music perception is influenced by the combination of acoustic and electric stimulation in single-sided deafened listeners

Rene Gifford
Benefits of combining electric and acoustic hearing for music sound quality and various aspects of music perception

Mark Fletcher
Enhancing music perception in cochlear implant users by providing missing sound-information through tactile stimulation

Selected podium presentations

 Session ♦ Setting the Standards: Understanding Signal Processing Advances and Settings for Improve Music Listening

Waldo Noguiera
Signal processing and sound coding strategies to make music more accessible for cochlear implants users

Brian Moore
Listening to music through hearing aids: potential lessons for cochlear implants

Kate Gfeller
Listen to Music through a CI: From the experiences of the users to the experiments of the researchers

Selected podium presentations

17:30  End of Day One

19:00  Social Night

Jeremy Marozeau, Charlotte Nordin, Raphael Ortiz
An audio-tactile artistic installation to enhance musical experiences

Thursday, September 16, 2021

 Session ♦ Practice Makes Perfect: Different Training Approaches, Benefits, and Limitations (pt 1)

9:30  Opening Session, Day Two

Colette McKay
Does music training have a role in cochlear implant (re)habilitation? 

Lorenzo Picinali
Training music listening skills for bilateral CI users through a VR-based application

Selected podium presentations

 Sponsor Session ♦ Oticon Medical’s take on Music & CI

Selected presentations

 Practice Makes Perfect ♦ Different Training Approaches, Benefits, and Limitations (pt 2)

Deniz Başkent
Can music training improve vocal emotion perception in CI users? If yes, what kind? 

Debi Vickers
Different approaches to delivering training for improving effectiveness

Selected podium presentations

Ian Cross
Exploring spontaneous interaction in speech and music and the extent to which common interactive processes underlie both “domains”

Peter Vuust
Understanding cortical responses to musical sounds

Panel Discussion

Closing remarks

16:30  End of Symposium